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Rate allocation Broadcast Computer-Generated Hologram Transform coding 3D Imaging Near-eye displays View synthesis 4K Scalability 3D imaging Learned Video Coding Rate-Distortion Optimization Back-propagation with gradient decent Video coding Rate-Quality Curves Computational displays Rate-Distortion Optimization Three-dimensional imaging Short-term Fourier transform Broadband Color holography Mapping VVC Neural networks Standards Hole inpainting Augmented reality Real-time Hologram Calculation Real-time holography High Frame-Rate HFR Depth Estimation Compression efficiency HDR Bit rate Real-time Hologram Calculation Computer-Generated Holography 3D Imaging HEVC UHD 4K Sparse data representation Video holography Self-supervised learning Model selection Back-propagation with gradient decent Learned Video Coding 8K Multiplexage statistique Visualization SLAM SLAM Localization Mapping UHD Digital Holography Orthogonal transforms Holography Quality Enhancement Quality assessment Convolutional Neural Network High Efficiency Video Coding HEVC Subjective quality assessment Computer holography Video coding Neural networks Rate allocation 360 • Bitrate Ladder Localization Video sequences Rate Control Ρ-Domain Signal processing Image coding High efficiency video coding Depth from focus Rate-Control Computer-Generated Holography Depth estimation Fourier optics Adaptive Video Streaming View blending Holographic data coding Ultra-High Definition UHD Génération Numérique d'Hologrammes Laser Variable frame-rate SHVC Video codec AI compression back-propagation Phase space Vidéo 3D Video recording HD Bit Allocation Holographie