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Dynamic properties Composite materials Filament winding Buckling FEA Adhesive joints LOCA Mechanical properties Fatigue testing Experimental investigations Dynamic loading Arcan test Damage Elastic moduli Endommagement Cyclic loads Pores Cylinders shapes Friction Mechanical properties of adhesives Experimental Additive manufacturing Numerical methods Finite elements Microstructure Fluid-structure interaction Modeling Assemblages collés Coupled criterion Matériaux composites Crack initiation Composites Low-velocity impact Damage detection Structural design Offshore wind turbines Fatigue Kite Laminated composites High cycle fatigue Carbon Residual stresses ABAQUS Adhesive Ductile fracture Strain rate Mechanical behavior Composite Self-heating Fatigue life Finite element method Finite element analysis Carbon nanotubes Digital image correlation Carbon fibers Aerodynamics Fracture Fatigue crack propagation Numerical simulation Sandwich structures Fracture mechanics Rope Slamming Cantilever beams Dynamic behavior Turbine components Structural bonding Fatigue of materials Fracture toughness Cracks Auto-échauffement Crack propagation Dynamics Assemblage collé Homogenization Creep behaviour Abaqus Logiciel Tensile testing Heat build-up 3D printing Abaqus Reinforcement Adhesive bonding Woven composites Adhesion Additives Failure mechanical Friction stir welding Composite structures Durability Nanocomposites Abaqus Electronic resource Infrared thermography Water waves Elastoplasticity Adhesives Offshore oil well production Dynamic behaviour Damage mechanics Impact