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Here is the updated scientific production of the MRIM research team (Multimedia information modeling and retrieval), part of the research area "Data and Knowledge Processing at Large Scale" within the LIG, Grenoble Informatics Laboratory.

The MRIM Team studies models and algorithms for efficient access to information contained in large, multimedia, multilingual and semi-structured data collections.

The team activities are organized on several main research topics:
  • Modeling multimedia data in the context of Information Retrieval and Information Filtering;
  • Managing textual data for multilingual documents using conceptual indexes;
  • Design of personalized systems for information filtering;
  • Machine learning models and methods for information access;
  • Contextual mobile information access;
  • System experimentation and evaluation.
We also develop specific applications based on medical data, News data, scientific libraries, etc
Since September 2003, a new activity related to Interactions among Internet Applications has been launched.

With this setting the team MRIM aims at proposing models and high-level languages to effectively manage interactions between resources (applications and/or information) available on Internet (via Web services). More precisely, these models and languages will allow organisations to describe, locate and integrate existing services and to compose new ones.

  • Data and Knowledge Processing at Large Scale
  • Knowledge, Interaction
  • Artificial Intelligence, Reasoning and inference, Knowledge, Human learning, Document analysis, Multilingualism Models
  • Modèles
  • Information management systems, Multimedia information management, Data querying, Information retrieval, Data mining , Very large data sets, WWW models and technologies, Ontologies
  • Computer systems, Distributed systems, Middleware, Mobility
  • Context: models and adaptation, Decision and action, Computer Graphics, Pattern Recognition, Signal, User representation
  • Service coordination

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