. .. , 188 6.2.2 Control and value function learning by double DNN

. .. Numerical-applications,

C. .. Discussion, Algorithms (ii) take a very small learning rate parameter, for the Adam optimizer

, Doing so, one obtains stable estimates of the value function and optimal control

, the pseudo-code of an algorithm based on the quantization and k-nearest neighbors methods, called Qknn, which will be the benchmark in all the low-dimensional control problems that will be considered in Section 6.3 to test NNContPI, ClassifPI, Hybrid-Now and Hybrid-Later. Also, comparisons of Algorithm 6.5 to other well-known algorithms on various control problems in low-dimension are performed in [Bal+19

. .. , We also consider grids ? k , k = 0, we consider an L-optimal quantizer of the noise ? n , i.e. a discrete random variable? n valued in a grid {e 1 , . . . , e L } of L points in E, and with weights p 1

. .. Introduction, 3 Deep learning-based schemes for semi-linear PDEs

. .. Convergence-analysis,

. .. , 237 7.5.2 PDEs with unbounded solution and more complex structure, Deep learning schemes for high-dimensional PDEs 7.5 Numerical results

, ?W ti ) (called training data in the machine learning language), one expects the neural networks U i and Z i to learn, Therefore, by minimizing over ? this quadratic loss function, via SGD based on simulations of (X ti , X ti+1

, Similarly, the second scheme DPDP2, which uses only neural network on the value functions, learns u(t i , .) by means of the neural network U i , and ? (t i , )D x u(t i , ) via ? (t i , )D x U i . The rigorous arguments for the convergence of these schemes will be derived in the next section. The advantages of our two schemes

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