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The purpose of HAL Theses is to facilitate the self archiving of thesis manuscripts, which are important documents for direct scientific communication between scientists. HAL Theses is actually a particular "environment" of HAL. It therefore has the same objective: make scientific documents available to scientists all around the world, rapidly and freely, but with a restriction to PHD thesis and habilitations (HDR, in countries where habilitations exist). CCSD does not make any scientific evaluation of the thesis that are submitted, since this is the responsibiliy of the university professors in the examination board.

TEL is also accessible through OAI (Open Archives Initiative), tools and the OAI-PMH protocol with the URL

For contributors

  • A submitted document passed a moderation process which controls the administrative and bibliographic information supplied
  • Once a document is put online, it cannot be withdrawn.

For readers

  • Within the context of electronic communication, rules about intellectual property do apply. In particular, authors must be correctly recognized as such, and tne work must be cited if used.


Full-text submissions

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The "Let's be accessible" booklet aims to help students and researchers integrate accessibility into their academic work, such as dissertations, theses and publications.

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According to the 2023 edition of the Open Science Monitor (BSO), the open access rate of French doctoral theses shows a clear trend towards more and more openness. The opening rate for theses varies considerably depending on the discipline. In astronomy, mathematics, computer science, earth sciences, the opening of theses is almost universal, while in law, political sciences or literature, the practice is less widespread (less than 50%).

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