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T2RS (Real-Time in Networks and Systems) research team started in October 2011. Its main focus is Quality of Service specification and management.

Real-time, embedded, and distributed systems, which consider critical and multimedia flows, are gaining more and more popularity in various activity domains (mainly: health, leisure, avionics, telecommunications, and transportation). Those systems have tight requirements in terms of security, fault tolerance, and quality of service (QoS). The huge types of constraints to consider make the design, implementation, and validation of such systems very challenging.

QoS does not only mean improving performance. It also means the allocation and management of resources in such a way that a specified (deterministic of statistical) level of guarantees is provided to applications/users taking into consideration the constraints and properties of the underlying support (software and hardware) architecture. The resources are numerous and T2RS team focuses on Bandwidth and CPU.

Our topics of interest mainly include: